10 Celebrities and Their Scandalous Fashion

Fashion and celebs are interrelated. But sometimes celebs appear in such outfits that are really risky!

Liz Hurley:


In 1994, Elizabeth Hurley wore a daring Versace Safety-Pin dress for the premier of Hugh Grant’s Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Lady Gaga:


At the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, the Poker Face singer wore the controversial meat dress, made out of raw beef. The dress was designed by Franc Fernandez, an Argentine designer and styled by Nicola Formichetti.

Jennifer Lopez:


In 2000, JLo wore the iconic palm-print Versace gown to the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards. With a neckline plunging below her navel, a slit climbing to the crotch, along with an open back to match, it was sure to make headlines.



At the Grammy Awards 2011, the singer showed up in a strategically placed striped fur gown. The Jean Paul Gaultier sheer gown left very little to the imagination.

Rose McGowan:


The chain dress that Rose wore at the MTV VMA awards surely grabbed eyeballs.

Toni Braxton:


The R&B singer, at the 2001 Grammy Awards wore a barely- there white gown. It looked like two pieces of dress were secured by a band just to cover her assets.



The Icelandic singer’s famous Swan Dress at the 73rd Academy Awards (2001) stupefied Hollywood. The swan dress was complete with softball-sized eggs.

Christina Aguilera:



At VMA 2002, the singer arrived in a mini denim skirt and a crisscross bandeau strategically covering her boobs.

Amber Rose:



At the 2014 MTV VMA, Amber wore a spider web of chains with almost nothing underneath.

Gwen Stefani:



At the VMA 1998, Stefani displayed a befuddling ensemble, with a weirdly-shaped bell skirt with platform sandals, and bright blue hair.

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