10 Crazy World Facts You hardly know

These facts are crazy, mysterious, and really hard to believe! Check out these 10 facts if you know them

The pennis of the legendary king Tutankhamun was mummified upward

15 crazy facts

Severe flatulence can be caused by micro gravity, oops!

15 crazy facts 1

OMG! People go for poop transplant!!!

15 crazy facts 2

British eggs are considered illegal in the US market because they are unwashed. Yes, you are right! US eggs are also not legalized in the British market as they are washed…

15 crazy facts 3

The flavor of artificial banana is different from the original banana as the flavor is based on Gros Michel banana. Surprisingly, this species is now considered as an extinct due to the banana disease of 1960

15 crazy facts 4

The movie- A Fish Called Wanda – has created record of causing highest rate of death due to laughter

15 crazy facts 5

The notorious vampire bats urinate on those animals they prey to drink blood

15 crazy facts 6

The bodies of many dinosaurs, including the famous T-Rex, were covered with feathers!!!

15 crazy facts 7

The Bagheera Kiplingi is known to be the only species of spider that is herbivorous

15 crazy facts 8

Sid is the real name of cookie monster

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