10 Oldest Animals In the World

Animals have varied life spans. Dogs and cats live a maximum of 15 years while some others like tortoise live close to 150 years. There are many others in the animal kingdom whose age and life span can completely baffle us. Listed below are 10 of the oldest animals in the world.

1. Adwaita the Tortoise


As stated tortoises are known to have a long lifespan and Adwaita, a tortoise in India’s Alipore Zoo, has been surviving for 250 years. It was captured in Seychelles Islands before being given to Robert Clive of the East India Company who gave it to the zoo in 1875. Adwaita’s age was confirmed by carbon dating its shell.

2. Ming the Clam


Ming, a clam, lived for 507 years and might have lived longer if not found by scientists who cracked him open to determine his age. Nonetheless Ming’s shell is still a valuable piece of insight into what life was 500 year ago.

3. Tiffany the Cat


Tiffany Two was the oldest living cat who died in early 2015 at the age of 27. Though the record for the oldest ever cat is with Cream Puff who was 38, Tiffany Two was the oldest living cat till she died this year.

4. Max the Dog


There are no records of a dog living beyond thirty years but Max was close to it when he died at 29 years and 282 days. The dog was a mix between a daschund, beagle and terrier and was born in 1983.

5. Old Billy the Horse


Old Billy was born in 1760 and lived for 62 years which is twice the average life span of a horse. However, Billy was a barge horse and did not live a life of leisure. And it became frail and bony towards the end. At age 60 he was depicted in a lithograph and painted too. Currently, parts of his skull are displayed at Manchester Museum as well as at Cecil Higgins Art Gallery and Bedford Museum.

6. George the Lobster


George was captured off Newfoundhand coast in 2008 and weighed 20 pounds. It was sold to a restaurant where he became a celebrity owing to his massive size. However, after 10 days it was rescued by PETA who estimated his age to be 140 years by correlating his age to his size as is done for crustaceans. George has long been released into the wild and thus we can only guess if he is living and kicking.

7. Lin Wang the Elephant


The life span of an elephant is estimated to be 50 but Lin Wang lived for 86 years before passing away in 2003. Even his memorial service lasted for weeks and was attended by thousands.

8. Oldest Tuatara


A tuatara from New Zealand has bypassed the average 100 year life span of tuatara’s by living for 117 and still going strong as he is living at the Southland Museum of New Zealand.

9. Hanako the Koi


Hanako, the oldest koi fish, died in 1977 at the age of 226 years. The rings on her scales were used to estimate her age.

10. Goldie the Goldfish


Goldie, a goldfish, survived for 45 years before she died in 2005. And she took the oldest goldfish title from Tish who died at 43.

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