16 latest statuses on Whatsapp

WhatsApp status, messages, or quotes are too important for youngsters nowadays.

Here are 16 latest texts, which you can use for your WhatsApp status:

1 A guy writes about his laziness. ‘It is like 8, which becomes an infinity’ after he lies down.

2 The S.I. unit of ignorance in WhatsApp is both ‘seen’ and ‘last seen’.

3 Monday is so far from Friday. But unfortunately, Friday is too closer to Monday.

4 You are being watched when you are checking someone’s WhatsApp status.

5 Fun and life insurance are quite similar to each other. How? The more you get old, the more cost you have to pay for it.

6 You tried to lose weight, but it’s too bad that it kept on finding you.

7 It would have been so better if Google were in human mind and the hearts had antivirus in them.

8 Where is a CRUSH, there is a RUSH. And CANDY CRUSH is for ultimate time pass.


9 How to avoid car insurance? Please join Facebook and simply don’t leave your house.

10 You started your journey with nothing and sad but true that you still have the most of it.

11 A girlfriend says to her boyfriend, “you are online and it is evident by your WhatsApp status. Then why aren’t you texting me”?

12 When you are unemployed, but have studied economics, you have a great opportunity. Want to know why? You know the reason from your subject.

13 Intelligence and undergarment both are same. When you have it, there is no need to show it off. Use it in proper places.

14 You are not special, but definitely limited edition.

15 The global warming of earth is making everyone ‘hot’, even a ‘cool’ guy is being a ‘hot’ one.

16 Life was too easier, when Apple and Blackberry were fruits only.

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