3 tips to make your hips hotter

It actually does not matter at all whether you have a wide or a narrow hip. They are beautiful as they are! Regard them as your asset and try flaunting it as much as possible. Be it casual jeans that you are wearing or a gorgeous dress for an evening party you can show your hip in the hottest way. All you would need to do is to style your clothing so that you can highlight them naturally.

You can follow the below steps which will make your hips look extremely hot:

Go ahead with tucking your shirts into the pants: If you are wearing a shirt that’s loose and long, then your hips will be automatically hidden. This is why all you need to do is to tuck your tops in your bottoms.


3 tips to look your hips hotter

This way everyone around you will get to see your shape better. If you are wearing shorts, make sure to tuck it inside properly so that it does not stick out and also keep your shirt neat and not wrinkled.

Wear clothes that are well fit and are tighter: If you are in to show off your hips, then get ready and start wearing clothes that are tighter. This will enhance the look of your curves.

3 tips to look your hips hotter 1

Well, you do not have to buy clothes that ill-fit you or ones that make you feel uncomfortable. You must go for fits that are of your size so that you do not move around appearing provocative or frumpy.

If you have an hourglass figure, go for belts: Are you only slipping a belt in to make sure that your trousers are in place? Are you are doing it to appear slimmer?

3 tips to look your hips hotter 2


Whatever the reason is, it will end up making you look hotter than ever! The reason is that you are highlighting your hip area and drawing in more attention.

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