3 Top Movies on Fashion Designers in 2015

When we discuss about fashion movies, we cannot simply think of any movie that can top our favorite, The Devil Wears Prada! However, it seems 2015 can give us movies which can reach a certain level. We can at least expect a contender for The Devil Wears Prada this year.

1. Dior and I

At the moment there are a few movies being made on fashion designers. And presently, these movies are trend setters too! Quite early this year we were lucky to catch up with Dior and I. This is basically based on Raf Simons’s very initial couture collection for Dior and is a documentary movie. Well yet again there are two more movie trailers which are based on fashion theme and we are all eager to watch it soon.

Top Movies on Fashion Designers in 2015

2. The Artist Is Absent

One of the movies name is The Artist Is Absent and that is a documentary about Martin Margiela, the cloistered Belgian designer. In fact, you also get to view only one picture of Martin online and the shot was taken from quite a distance in 1997.

Top Movies on Fashion Designers in 2015 1

3. Saint Laurent

There is yet another feature length film based on Yves Saint Laurent, who is known to be the genius party boy and mastermind designer. The name of the movie is quite straight forward and simply kept, Saint Laurent.

Top Movies on Fashion Designers in 2015 2


This kind of movie was actually also made in the past around two years down the line. Each of these movies follows a diverse story-telling approach. If you are very much keen to know it all about fashion’s greatest artists and their origin and about their life, then you can relax at peace as your list of fashion movies just go a bit longer!

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