5 celebrities posing without clothes


Some celebrities have a personal preference for posing naked or completely bare bodied on Instagram. Here is a list of five well-known celebrities who posed their sensuous photos on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian:


After having her daughter North, people thought that Kim might take a break from posing selfies naked. But she continued it. In October 2013, she took her selfie in a white bathing suit which exposed almost her entire body.

Also, a complete bare body picture of Kim came up when she posted her photo from British GQ Shoot.



The famous singer was seen on a light ball holding a chain in March, 2013. She was without clothes and highlighted her private parts in her photo shoot of thanking ‘Prada’ for a pair of thigh high boots. Such a thank you note can only be given by Rihanna in her own style!

Aubrey O’Day:



This lady, ‘Diddy’s Girl’, was seen in her Instagram picture with only a shirt tied up in her waist. It was a show off for she got her hot body back in 2013. She continued posting her almost bare body photos throughout the year.

Lady Gaga:


The Artpop preview picture of Lady Gaga that was later published on the cover page of V magazine was another instance of celeb’s trend to pose almost bare bodied. Lady Gaga posted this picture previously on Instagram before the Magazine published it.

Nicki Minaj:



This rapper went without wearing innerwear in her cropped top and Moschino jacket. In fact, she appeared in that outfit in her ‘Ellen Degeneres’ show.

Later, she chose to show off almost her entire body in the lounging picture of innerwear. Wearing gold and white heels, Minaj posed lying on feather carpet in white innerwear.

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