5 Jewelry Trends for 2017

This year’s jewelry is will be based around expressing our individuality in the boldest and loudest fashion possible – 2017 is the year to own it!

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be a mindless game and thankless task, but 2017 is completely different with the emphasis now put on you. Forget about trying to be Kim Kardashian or Katy Perry, this year all you have to be is yourself. Below we have detailed the main points to consider for your 2017 shopping sprees.


Be loud and be proud this year with jewelry to match your personality, we are finished with conforming and it is all about showing the world who you are. Unleash the chick inside and rock your look without shame.

2017 sees beautifully designed bracelets and gorgeous gemstones dominate the catwalk with statement-making looks that grab the attention of any fortunate onlooker.


One of this year’s popular fashion trends is animals – our love for all creatures great and small is nothing new, but 2017 encourages embracing nature and owning it. Whether you associate yourself with an elegant butterfly or feel possess the sting of a bee, there is option aplenty to showcase your wild side.

Stunning animal cufflinks are in this year, for men and women, as the perfect finishing touch fit for a jungle king or queen to wear in the office, on the street or at the party.


A key asset for any outfit is a matching necklace with a striking pendant. Worn right, this is a fashion winner – in keeping with this year’s theme of individuality, necklaces are bold and bright. Bigger is most certainly better, there is no need to be conservative when expressing your true self.

White gold and zodiac pendants shine out from the rest and draw the spotlight to you, making you the centre of attention whatever the occasion. While making an unforgettable statement, big and bold necklaces brighten up any outfit, making any simple and modest dress fun and dazzling.


Along with being bright and bold, leather anything is in this year. Leather bracelets, leather shoes, leather pants, leather bag – quite literally, leather anything.

Leather makes for the perfect accessory to an already bright outfit, giving a classical spin to any ensemble. Bracelets, in particular, are all the rage at the moment and can simply and stylishly incorporate gold or silver for added sparkle.

With 2017 the year of individuality, personalisation is very much in fashion. Include a message, motto, something sentimental or your name or initial. Pick anything to truly own your bracelet or any other jewelry that you wear this year – add this to this year’s love for animals and anything nature and you have the ultimate accessory package at your fingertips.

Men’s Jewelry

Men’s jewelry trends very much follow the same direction as women – striking individuality with a touch of gentlemanly class. The lions of the pack, too, can unleash the animal within with stunning cufflinks and suit pieces for the modern look.

Besides finding the perfect complement to the traditional suit and tie combination, thick and chunky gold and silver bracelets tell the world that the look is no accident, and it is no coincidence. The bracelet represents purpose, and the right one signifies importance.

As for the girls, leather is also in for the men in our lives. Leather bracelets can be worn at all times, for all occasions, which is perfect for the man that likes to maintain a certain je-ne-sais-quoi whether romancing his queen or taking the kids down to the park.

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