5 Shocking Fashion Disasters

Fashion disasters are common in Hollywood glam parties. But some are really shocking and they stay in our minds for long. Here are such 5 shocking fashion disasters from Hollywood.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake:

5 Shocking Fashion Disasters

In 2001, at the American Music Awards the duo came across wearing denim outfits that were quite matching in its very own way. Well, if you thought that the outfits were plain, then wait, here is more to it. There were basically a mish-mosh of diverse kinds of jeans which were cut into pieces and then sewn together. To top it all Britney also ended up carrying an identical purse for the function.

Jennifer Lopez:

5 Shocking Fashion Disasters 1

At the 2000 Grammy Awards, J.Lo wore quite a striking outfit that was quite revealing in itself. It was a green dress, Versace emerald, and possibly left quite little or the imagination. The dress had a very dipping cut and it even crossed her belly button magnificently.

Kim Kardashian:

5 Shocking Fashion Disasters 2

Everyone is aware of the bold dressing sense Kim comes across with. And she does show it in every possible way that she is not at all afraid to go bare, to whatever extent it is. There have been endless pictures of Kim, which are all over the internet, and she has been seen revealing most of her skin. She enjoys displaying her body and this is the reason why it is plastered everywhere.

Khloe Kardashian:

5 Shocking Fashion Disasters 3

Joining hands with Kim we have her sister, Khloe Kardashian. She is another lady who does not least understand that a few of her outfits prick the eye and it is too much to see. Some of the pants that she wears are super duper tight laving quite little for one’s imagination again!

Barack Obama:

5 Shocking Fashion Disasters 4

Barack Obama is someone who is most of the times most perfectly dressed. However, in 2009, at the White Sox game’s opening, he came up wearing a pair of white sneaker and casual jeans and it seemed that he was trying a bit too hard to look casual.

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