6 shocking Celeb looks

There are some celebs that look really much younger than their actual age. They are extremely young looking and when it is shocking to know their age.

Gwen Stefani:


Well, you must not go with her looks that she is 30+. Yes this may be a bit unbelievable for you but the actual age of the beautiful singer is 45 years and we know she is extremely pretty and look ever so young!

Salma Hayek:


This beauty has talent too. She has such a stunning body and beautiful look. This beauty is ageless and in her 48 years she still looks young. Shocked? Yes we know you are!

Alyson Hannigan


The gorgeous actress from Buffy the Vampire Slayer series is yet another actress on our list who comes with an extremely great sense of humor. She is also quit famous and renowned for the show called How I Met Your Mother. And she is 40 years old not less than that, for real!

Seth Green


Even though he is 41, whenever you look at him, he keeps looking younger and much like the day he used to look before the Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We feel this show ends up making people looking younger and younger.



This gorgeous and sunning rap star does look very young. And when she was 30 she had given a hit album and we definitely accept the fact that she is one lady who is blessed with talent. Now, she is 40 and when you look at her, it is so hard to believe! Checking her pictures, right?

Jennifer Aniston


One of her first shows was the extremely accepted comic series called “Friends” and when you look at her even today, she looks just as young as she looked back in the days. Her actual age is extremely hard to accept that she is 45 years now!

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