6 Smoking Hot Celebrities Ridiculed For Their Bodies

Here are 6 celebs who are ridiculed for their body at some points of time.

Tyra Banks:


The America’s Next Top Model host and super model was criticized for her post-modelling weight gain. However, Banks never let criticism affect her personally and professionally. Since a child, Tyra has been on the opposite sides of the weight spectrum.

Drew Barrymore:


After the actress gave birth to her second child, Barrymore shared her experience of losing the baby weight. Ignoring the media criticism, Drew chose to go slow and steady from flab to fab.

Beyonce Knowles:


The singer accepts that in the celeb world, there is a lot of pressure to thin down. However, she feels that every woman should focus on having the best healthy body. Love your body, love your curves, you are bootylicious!

Khloe Kardashian:

TV-X Factor-Hosts

Media criticized the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Khloe for her weight. Brushing off all the mean criticism showered on her, Khloe feels that she works out and loves her healthy body. The reality star refuted the media claims that her weight loss was due to liposuction.

Emma Stone:


The actress believes that she struggles when it comes to dealing with the critics. But appreciating oneself and not getting derailed by the criticism is the mantra she follows to keep healthy.

Miranda Lambert:


Lambert’s weight was a regular topic of criticism for the singer. The singer fascinated the critics with her noticeable weight loss. She lost weight by cutting down on portion size, limiting alcohol intake, and restricting the consumption of guilty pleasure snacks.

Jennie Runk:


When H&M hired Jennie Runk, a “plus-size” model to showcase the size range for its beachwear, the ad campaign caused a lot of uproar. The model asserts that it’s about time we stopped being obsessed with size. The model chose not to lose weight and instead, went with plus.


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