7 food challenges you should avoid

Food challenges are always for fun. But it is not the same always. Some of the food challenges are wastage of food and they are often dangerous.

Here are 7 ridiculous food challenges which you should avoid always

Hamburger challenge:



Six pounds of burgers have been made up by the restaurants. Even if you are hungry, such food challenge is not to be taken up. These are truly wastages of money on Whole onions, tomatoes, lettuce and whole breads!

Milk challenge:


Human is not a very good way to digest too much dairy products. Therefore if you are ready to puke throughout the room, go for this challenge.

Garlic challenge:


This may sound challenging. But have tons of mouth fresheners first and then start for the stupid food challenge.

Habanero challenge:



Now, this is the spiciest and bogus food challenge to take up. When you eat up the red peppers as much as you can without water, only your friends or the watchers can enjoy except you.

Sprite and banana challenge:


You may vomit or deal with something more disgusting after you pick up two bananas and a bottle of sprite to consume as quickly as possible.

Oreo challenge:


Sounds yummy, right? But it is not like this in reality and not also like the commercial. Open the Oreo, lick the creamy side and then stick it on the forehead without balancing with hands.

Pickle challenge:


Even if you are crazily in love with pickle, you just can’t take it. This is the worst and disgusting challenge more than you can think of it. People drink up the liquid rather than the pieces of pickles.

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