7 funniest creatures all over the world

How many funny creatures do you know living on this Earth? Here we have listed some of the funniest creatures. We bet that you don’t know them.

Pig butt worm:


This worm is named for its size. Scientists say that it may be the larva form.

Surinam toad:


These toads are found in South American forests, but have no teeth or tongue.



These animals belong to the Solenodontidae and live in the forests of Cuba with venomous saliva.

Guineafowl puffer:


Not only funny, they are the strangest looking creature showing off the buck teeth. You will find them in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Tawny Frogmouth:

Tawny Frog Mouth 001

They look too funny as if without beak. But the most wonderful fact about them is that they live with their mates forever and building nests for new children.

Bone eating snot flower:


These flowers are found in the deep ocean waters and they eat the lipids found inside the bones of the dead whales.

Hooded seal:


These seals look too funny to have the bladder on their heads. It is especially for the male seals.


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