7 most influential people who never existed

The people mentioned in this list have a great influence on possibly everyone, in some way or the other, but when you move to the crux you realize that these people never really ever existed, in real!

Santa Claus


1 santa IMG_0330

He is the person who is known to mostly every child out there. Every child wait for Santa to gift lovely items on Christmas Eve. All children believe, deep inside their heart, that Santa Claus is coming to town..!



2 barbie

We have all noticed this doll progress a petty woman. And it is one idol every growing girl aspires to be. Even though many still doubt whether Barbie has a positive or negative influence on little minds, children are big time influenced by a Barbie.

Robin Hood

3 robin

This will be a tough call to decide whether Hood ever existed or not, however we are pretty much sure that he had never existed. Even though we may feel that he was a hero for many as because the proceeds of his crime were given to the poor people yet he used to eventually steal from the rich, and a crime will always be a crime before the law! Whether he existed or not, we are sure he was simply an illusionary character.



4 cowboy

Cowboys and Indians is quite a common game in remote places in New Zealand. The cowboy was for many of us a great hero to the western world and was known for his ideals like guarding of women and children, defense of justice and masculinity. However this is just a concept and many movies did also follow the ‘cowboy genre’, yet a concept will always remain a concept.

Romeo and Juliet

5 romeo-and-juliet-4

Many couples even before starting of a relationship build the idea of a ‘perfect relationship’ and well we will have to blame none other than our beloved Romeo and Juliet for it. Maybe, this is the reason why, there are so many divorces taking place today as people tend to believe that a relationship should be as ideal as of Romeo and Juliet’s yet when the passion dims people feel cheated and fail to understand that there is so much more to a relationship rather than the passion alone! For a healthy marriage today we do not require a passionate romance and we entirely blame it upon, Romeo and Juliet, and leave it for them to answer to the world!

Big Brother

6 bigbrother

Here is yet another moderately modern addition to this list, Big Brother has been such a great influence for a good number of social protests and so we had to adjoin it here too. Whenever a restrictive law is passed by the government we see his name erupting from somewhere. Everyone in the mass well recognizes his face and knows what he ideally stands for. It was basically George Orwell who had created this character for his eminent novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

The Marlboro Man


7 download

How many men at the moment who are going through this list do not smoke cigarettes with filter? Well, let’s guess, probably every one of them! The chief aim of the Marlboro Man campaign was to influence men to start smoking filtered marlboro cigarettes and it has been quite a success of course.

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