7 unusual hotels in the world

Have you been ever in a strange hotel? Here we will give you the list of seven unusual hotels from all over the word.

V8 hotel, Boblingen in Germany:


This hotel has 34 car themed bedrooms with beds designed upon Mercedes, Morris minor, VW versions. The historical car restoration can be seen here by the guests.

Livingstone lodge, Kent in UK:


This is the first safari lodge in the United Kingdom. It is located in the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park. Ten of the safari tents are here with the facility of correct beds. The wildlife view at Kentish Savannah is more real than the usual ones.

Verana at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico:


The nature around this hotel has its untamed beauty. Here you will come by ten guest houses and a five acre plot. The spa in Verana is the best one ever.

Juvet at Valldal, Norway:


This is a hotel in the midst of Nature in Norway. Juvet is designed with the seven stark glass box living spaces. As soon as you open the door you will see Nature is ready to greet you along with the Valldola River.

Husky lodge at Schwyz, Switzerland:


Have your night sleep in the wooden cabinets by the dog’s kennels. You need not have to go to the Arctic forests for the sight of these huskies.

Neemrana Fort Palace at Alwar, India:


This heritage site is enriched with cultural values. You will get the vast complex of seven palace wings here along with pools, gardens and the first zip wears of India.

Hippo point, Kenya:


This pagoda styled nine stored tower of Kenya has five bedrooms, meditation room and beautiful spiral staircases. This tower is a place for slow safaris along with the facility of game spotting.

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