All is well with Jane Birkin- said Hermes

The famous French luxury house published a statement about continuing strict tabs on its crocodile suppliers although Peta is not convinced yet. 31 years ago Hermes’s iconic and exuberant Birkin Bag made its glamourous debut. All in those years there is no record of the price being decreased but from last year there is news of the price of being decreased. Peta announced on Tuesday that the British born famous actress and singer has sent a request to Hermes production to keep her name out of their famous crocodile bag after knowing the cruel practices which are being used in the production.

In their recent investigation Peta has found out that Hermes production raises and kills crocodiles in a very unhealthy and cruel manner. For months or even for years crocodiles are either dumped in dank pools or in barren pits before finally being slaughtered for their skin. From Texas to Zimbabwe this practice is going on. A Peta investigator has documented that workers cruelly hack into their necks and with metal rods they try to scramble their brains – all for the sake of “luxury”.

All is well with Jane Birkin- said Hermes

Some animals remain conscious while the workers try to kill them.Peta has found out that there is an alligator factory in Texas that sends crocodile skin to a Hermes owned tannery where they are not provided with fresh air , sunshine or even clean water and basic medical treatment. The reptiles are shot and cut into pieces while they are still enough conscious to feel the pain. Two or three crocodiles are to be killed only to make just one hand bag.

Having been informed about the cruel practices that the crocodiles have to endure while getting slaughtered, Jane Birkin has demanded to take off her name.

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