Allison Williams tries yellow eyes at the Emmys awards

Actress Allison Williams was seen in yellow eye makeup at the Emmys awards ceremony to match her outfit and this was the subject of speculation.

Most actresses are seen wearing conventional pastel shades for makeup, or occasionally the bright red lipstick but the actress Allison Williams, who starred in girls was seen with yellow eye makeup at the Emmys award ceremony held recently. There is a rather interesting story behind the choice of an unconventional color for the eye makeup at this event. When the makeup artist, Pati Dubroff for celebrities like Allison Williams, was asked to style her look for the event, she naturally wanted to know the outfit that the actress was planning to wear, so that the makeup could be selected accordingly.


When Allison Williams sent a photo of the Giambattista Valli outfit, which she was planning to wear, the one feature that caught the attention of Pati dubroff was the yellow in the gown. The gown had a very prominent yellow sash across it, and she decided that she wanted to incorporate the yellow in the makeup for the actress. Since yellow cannot be used for the lips or blush, as it will look too incongruous, a decision was taken to incorporate the yellow shades in the eyes, and also highlight the bronze tan and freckles she had acquired.

Eyeshadow was first used to improve the shape of the eyes as desired. Waterproof clay eyeliner in golden biege shade was then applied to the eyes. For creating the yellow look, celebrity makeup artist Dubrof used a golden yellow eye shadow pencil from cosmetics maker Nars. The yellow eye shadow pencil was applied to a small upper part of the eyes, which really emphasized the blue color of her eyes, and also matched the yellow of her outfit. The mascara was applied to her eyes to complete the eye makeup. The foundation used for the makeup was honey colored so that her freckles were visible.

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