Amazon debuted its handmade marketplace

Amazon is giving tough competition to online shopping website Etsy which sells handmade products. Amazon made its debut in the handmade goods by dedicating a new marketplace to such handmade products on its website on Thursday.

It is really great news for the fans of handmade goods as Amazon features about 80000 products which are factory free and comes from all over the world including 60 countries. It has several categories which include home décor, kitchen and dining, jewelry, craftwork, artwork, supplies for party, stationery, furniture and many more. The artisanal goods sold on Amazon are also Prime eligible this time. In fact 600 and more such items are Prime eligible and do not need shipping charges.

Amazon debuted its handmade marketplace 1

Etsy which is based in Brooklyn has been quite in demand ever since it started selling handmade products on its website as most of the commercial online marketplaces did not have such options for buyers. It saw great demands from handmade goods lovers. It has about 21.7 million shoppers who shop on its website with 1.5 million sellers. In the first half of the year 2015, it had a gross sale of $1 billion while it is valued at $3.88 billion. However this is quite small when compared to website like Amazon which had a net sale of $23.18 billion in its second quarter of the year 2015.

The sellers selling handmade products on Amazon website have their own profile page with all the necessary information including the details about the production and materials used for their products for the buyers. The profile page even has their contact number so that they can be contacted directly. Amazon has very strict rules when it comes to handmade products and is against factory production while Etsy had relaxed this rule for its sellers in 2014 and had even outsourced factory production on the basis of creativity.

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