Angelina and Christian Louboutin Introduce Malangeli

Angelina Jolie has been seen promoting Disney movie ‘Maleficent’ this year and we all know the crowd’s eyes are glued to her fantastic footwear. The shoes which have witty design with webbed panels and an engraved heel that looks like smoke curls, are really impressive. Christian Louboutin is the creator of this new footwear line and interestingly, Jolie has been an inspiration for this design. She secretly helps them designing.

Jolie begins with black color, and then she shows white and gold colors as promotional tour has progressed. These all hand-made pieces are made in Monsieur, which is Louboutin’s Paris hub. Christian Louboutin discloses that this shoe collection has been named as ‘Malangeli’. It was created in collaboration between the designer and the 39-year-old star. You can avail it on made-to-order basis.

Angelina and Christian Louboutin Introduce Malangeli

The shoes take inspiration from Jolie’s character in the Disney movie ‘Maleficent.’  In the film Angelina plays the role of a black-sporting fairy. The black fairy is ‘the Mistress of All Evil’. That’s how the shoe has been designed. It has open webbed design that gives it magic-like look. As per the brand, “The result is an exclusive shoe that’s dark, dangerous and altogether seductive, on the red carpet and off”.

These shoes are available in black or red at five Louboutin boutiques all over the world including London, New York, California, Paris, and Hong Kong, at the $1,495 price. The profits earned from the sale will go to ‘SOS Children’s Villages’, which is the world’s biggest organization working for orphaned and abandoned children. This same organization is been supported by Jolie’s mother from 2003.

Louboutin is totally delighted to work with the high-profile actress. Louboutin has said, “It is exciting to work with someone who has such a strong aesthetic and character. Getting to know Angelina through a fun collaboration has been one of my greatest pleasures!”

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