Anna Seleznevab Reveals Her Beauty Secrets Following Her Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2015 Show

The Russian beauty, who mesmerized everyone at Ralph Lauren’s spring 2015 show, is Anna Selezneva. She is the face of fragrance Midnight Romance. She recently revealed about her beauty secrets. When asked about hair care products she said, she likes Oribe from America. She said those products work well on blonde hair. Her hair is very soft. They are like baby hair according to the star! She prefers her hair to look little thicker. On daily basis she uses Leonor Greyl. The star is used to apply seaweed and honeysuckle thickening shampoos. Those products make her hair look shiny at the same time healthy. They are also smooth on the scalp.

When she was asked about any new products she started using for the fashion week she said that she picked up Bioderma. She has a very sensitive skin. As being a successful model she has to wear make up all the time. Thios is the product which has helped her to keep her skin normal. She got introduced to Leonor Greyl while she was staying in Paris in the year 2008. Her skin starts peeling off when she travels to Asian countries like Bali and Thailand. At the time of last visit to Asian countries she tried Maya Ubud spa. The experience was so good that she bought a few products for her friends!

Anna Seleznevab Reveals Her Beauty Secrets Following Her Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2015 Show

 At the Ralph Lauren show, the makeup artist Tom Pecheux specifically talked about some face oil. When asked she replied, “It’s called Micro Vita A-C-E and it’s pure micro squalene oil. It has a superthin and light texture but is still very moisturizing.”When she was asked about what she does for keeping their skin clear and bright, she said, “I try to drink lots of water, and once a year I take coenzyme Q10 for a month, which is very good for the [vascular] system and skin.”

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