Anna Wintour actively raising funds for Hillary Clinton

Vogue Editor Anna Wintour has never shied away or has taken a back seat when it comes to showing the world her political liking. She has actively supported Barack Obama for his presidential candidature both in 2008 and 2012. And now she is giving all her support to Hillary Clinton ever since the former Secretary of State has declared her running for the Presidential candidacy for the upcoming elections.

The left leaner has taken over the charge of supporting Clinton and is spearheading from the fashion world side. Though the Iowa Caucasus is still away for about 5 months from now and there is about 14 months in hand for the upcoming election, Hillary can fully rely for support as well as funds on the fashion world.

 Anna Wintour actively raising funds for Hillary Clinton 1

Tory Burch recently hosted a fundraising event at her 15.4 acre house in Hamptons to support Hillary’s funding. There were about 200 people in the guest list which included fashion icons like Martha Stewart, Richard Perry, the Barneys owner, Anna Wintour and Donna Karan. However the event did not have a smooth running expected. According to reports from Page Six, Tory Burch’s sprinkler system unexpectedly went off as Hillary started to give her speech leaving the guests sitting in the lawn all wet while Clinton and Wintour were standing under the covered terrace all dry.

Anna Wintour introduced Clinton as someone who can make a grown man cry and suddenly the sprinkler was at its work and made the people and the lawn all soaked up with some guests even screaming. Wintour’s advocacy for Clinton is nothing new. In fact Burch and Wintour had been quite an unofficial link between the Democratic Party and the fashion industry. Burch had earlier hosted a fundraiser for Obama in 2013 in her apartment in Manhattan. With Wintour too at her best, there are more such events lined up.

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