Anna Wintour busy with campaigning of Hillary Clinton

Even though the Iowa caucuses would be around five months later, but the editor of ‘Vogue’ is charging way ahead in super fast speed. As noticed, Anna Wintour in the previous few election rounds has made it pretty much evident that she is a political buff tilted towards the left side. In 2008 as well as in 2012, she was seen quite getting busy to support President Barack Obama. As of now, it seems like she is in full form keeping her committed and extremely busy with the campaign efforts of Hillary Clinton from the time the earlier Secretary of State declared about her candidacy back in the month of April.

With merely five months left for the Iowa conclave and around fourteen months to set for the general election, it now seems like Clinton is all set and even ready to depend on the fashion industry for both purpose: funding as well as for lots of support. Tory Burch in Hamptons on Sunday, for Clinton, hosted fundraiser in her luxurious, 15.4 acre house. She had more than 200 gusts for the event which comprised of Donna Karan, the owner of Barneys Richard Perry, Wintour, and Martha Stewart.

Anna Wintour busy with campaigning of Hillary Clinton

As it was being anticipated the programming part of the gathering was not much of a smooth play. Nevertheless, the moment when Clinton started with her speech, the sprinkler system of Burch unpredictably switched off and there were a good number of attendees who came out on the lawn as informed by Page Six.

Wintour and Clinton, were seen standing close together at the enclosed terrace, and were in a dry state. Hillary was then introduced by Anna and she made quite a dashing introduction, enough to make even a well gown up man cry as stated by the newspaper.

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