App Founder Alexandra Chemla Talks about Summer Friday Plans

If you are a regular party person in New York then there are chances that you have come across Alexandra Chemla. She is the 27-year-old founder as well as CEO of ArtBinder. This is a mobile app about art galleries. She is known to be highly social but along with that it looks like that she is working hard for her company too! ArtBinder has collected $3.17 million this summer in series funding! And even if you have not seen her yet then there are chances that you can as she has shared her, Friday plans in summer! It is obvious that she has looking forward it as she is having hectic fall art season coming soon!

She narrated her summer plans as she wants to attend burning man in Nevada’s Black rock desert! “Chamela further explains that for mostly all people Burning man cannot be a place to recharge but for her it is like this!’She is always reachable by phone, e-mail, and not to forget the social media.  She further adds that at Burning Man she would be completely away from the world and her usual surroundings! Such a reclusive surrounding can make her creative and innovative differently from her usual way.

App Founder Alexandra Chemla Talks about Summer Friday Plans

Such a different person she is! That’s how she had made this new mobile inventory app which is becoming popular among art field. What does ArtBinder do? ArtBinder is mobile app which manages visual portfolio. This app makes the inventory instantly reachable to artists, galleries, designers and collectors, from the mobile device. ArtBinder makes organization of display, email images, details as well as PDFs quickly and highly efficiently.

She narrated her wedding plans as, “So next Friday I’m flying out to L.A. to meet friends whom I’ll attend the festival with. We’ll then fly to Reno; pick up our RV; stock up on food, water, and other supplies; and head out to the desert. The drive takes about three hours.” She further expressed excitement as they will be having a Polaroid camera with them so sharing everyone’s snaps will become easy!

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