Ataui Deng Is Finally Found Alive

Ataui Deng, a Sudanese model who was missing for last 12 days has been finally found. The model lived and was working in New York since 2008. On Monday afternoon finally the people who have actually worked with her like Ajak Deng—and her friends Roblé Ali, asked help via Instagram. They requested common people to help them in finding out the model.

The New York Police Department said that Deng, used to live in Lower East Side. She went missing around midnight on August 6. She was last spotted at 251 W. 48th in Manhattan. Her friend Ali said that two friends had seen Deng at the same time partying at The Attic in the Hell’s Kitchen.

Ataui Deng Is Finally Found Alive

Grant Monohon was the last person who had seen Deng. It is reported that he was involved with her. He revealed to Voice that they were living together. Monohon is a star who has acted in Transamericaas well as in Lady in the Water. He is known to work in PR too. He had organized an event at the Attic the same night when she went missing. Monohon said that Deng was not behaving her usual way that particular night..

He further narrated what happened that same night as, “I walked outside with her. I gave her my keys, she didn’t want them. She’s just standing there. I was working, I had to go back inside.”

According to Monohon, Deng had disappeared like this before but only for day or two, but this time it is different. She missed her professional commitments. Other people started contacting him and calling him asking about her whereabouts. He added, “Her bookers hit me up like, ‘Where’s she at? Your guess is as good as mine.” He went to police four days ago.

She has been finally found after 12 days after she left Hell’s Kitchen nightclub. Police did not reveal more details.

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