Back In Trend –Dungarees

It was the 90s and dungarees were all the rage. Top celebrities and fashion models were spotted wearing these overalls. From the looks of it, we can confidently say that these overalls are making a comeback in town this season.

Back In Trend –Dungarees

Celebs whose oomph quotient and style was never in question like Alessandra Ambosia and Diane Kruger have been spotted in these 90s outfit giving it an elevation to the trendy league. The only difference between the 90s dungaree and the now popular trend is how you wear yours.

An adult dungaree has the capacity to look like a maximized child dress. But the top selling point of this dress is its ruggedness and flexibility. It yields itself to experimentation and that is what you can do with this dress to look stylish instead of 20 years late in fashion. Denim overalls require you to be confident in your fashion sense. The New York magazine carried a cover picture of Mad Men’s Moss in hot overalls.

You have to pair the overalls with a soft blouse and use different colored dungarees. Black is one of the promising outfits if you are still unsure about the whole experience of the dungaree. Try a tight fitting one to feel more in control or spruce up the dungaree with additional accessories.

If you are trying to look at ease, go for a comfortable baggy overall with ripples and a simple sleeved tee. If you are trying to achieve a trendy look, choose a trim and tapered dungaree. Make it short for a change or roll up the pants to reveal your ankle. It is not impossible to make the overall look sexy. Just leave out the shirt and add a leather jacket to it. Whatever your preference is, stick to it and get the old dungaree back in to your closet.

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