Beauty Trend for This Fall – Fake Freckles

Are Freckles good or irritable? Well, women simply do not like these freckles and treat them as something that is just as irritating. But this is the picture of some years before. Not the image is totally reversed. What is once regarded as not acceptable and women can do anything to hide these freckles on their face, is now one of the most desirable and adorable things to appear fresh, young, and stylish nowadays.

Even, this fall trend is towards freckles. Faces with freckles are promoted in different fashion shows where models appear with fake freckles. Different reputed stylists are towards these freckles. They are voicing for it, and saying that you can go for fake freckles, to appear with a make-up free and fresh face in the crowd.

Beauty Trend for This Fall – Fake Freckles

Models like Magdalena Jasek have sported these freckles in a fashion show. Make-up artists like Sarah Lucero, the Global Executive Director of Creative Artistry of Stila has shown her likeness for freckles. As per Sarah Lucero, “Freckles instantly make the complexion look fresh, as if you have no foundation on.” Lucero has continued, “It’s a beauty trick I use more often than you may think. If your foundation or powder looks cake-y, pop a few freckles on top. It will fool everyone into thinking you just have gorgeous, perfect skin, and that you’re not wearing much makeup.”‘

Lucero also has suggested, “When women hit their 30s, they start to see sun pigment spots that can look like freckles. To make that work for you, you can boost it up with a few more.”

Women like Olivia Munn, Kate Moss, and Lucy Liu have skin that is adorably speckled. But all women are not lucky as them. For those women who do not have natural freckles on their skin, they can go for fake freckles that can be created by brow products.

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