Best Beauty Secrets Lies On Nude Lips

Though lipstick is almost synonymous with beauty throughout the world, the natural look in terms of nude lips seems to be back in fashion

Wearing lipstick is considered to be the most basic makeup women prefer as painted lips are considers adding the beauty and attraction of a woman’s face. However, nude lips or lips without any obvious make up are now back in fashion, as they can be used to draw attention to the other more attractive features of the face.

Megan Fox With Nude Lips

Megan Fox With Nude Lips

This is particularly true for women who do not have very attractive lips, and do not want to draw attention to their mouth, but have unforgettable eyes which every person who meets them will remember for a very long time.

Though wearing lipstick is expected in many social circles, most of the lipsticks available use chemicals, which can darken the lips over a period of time. The lipstick may also be harmful if the quality of the materials used is not very good, and this can be dangerous, as the chemicals will be ingested into the body while drinking liquids or eating foods. Additionally during monsoon or winter due to rain or snowfall the lipstick may smudge and the face will look messy, especially if the woman has an important appointment.

Hence, nude lips, which are lips without lipstick, are back in fashion. The woman may prefer to wear no lip product at all, or may use lip gloss or some other very minimal coating. It is very easy to achieve the look desired; beautician and celebrity makeup artist Joanna Simkim can help any woman attain the desired look in three simple steps. An elaborate guide is available online, in a step by step video, detailing how the nude lips look can be achieved quickly with minimal effort.

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