Cara Delevingne unveiled behind the scenes of Paper Towns

Dressing up the super model Ms. Delevingne is not tough for the Mary Claire Hannan for Paper Towns. The eminent fashion designer was asked about her feeling working with the stunning model Cara Delevingne for the filming of movie Paper Towns. She said that Ms. Delevingne was not going to be her usual self in her room. She would not be working as a regular model but she was working to become Cara, the actor!

The fashion designer also stated that she had watched lot of high school movies and right from there she got the inspiration about the way the costumes should be made. Not only this, she also revealed that she came across several clothes from the thrift stores. And she did cut many of them to create many costumers for the striking actor, Delevingne. We hope to see the best from Cara Delevingne. We know she is a top super model, however we wish her all the best for her acting skills too!

Cara Delevingne unveiled behind the scenes of Paper Towns

Renzo Russo, who is the president of OTB group that is Maison Margiela’s parent company, is filled with positive words. He has unending praises about the brand which quite recently appointed John Galliano, the creative director of the company. Russo in one of his current interviews also stated that John is quite professional in approach and knows his work extremely well. He is over the top happy to have him. Apart from this he also added this that Martin [Margiela] also stated to him that this was the best present he had received so far because Galliano was one of those designers whom Martin quite closely admired. Not only this, Russo had additionally unveiled that the sales of Maison Margiela have already risen up to around 20%.

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