Celebs Carrying Their Pet Cats With Them: Is It a New Trend?

It looks like celebs are falling in love with pet-cats. Is it some kind of trend-alert? On Tuesday, that is 23rd September, Kesha was spotted walking through LAX. She wore bubblegum pink colored top, which was well decorated paired with cherry shorts along with lime cat-eye sunnies. And what she carried with her was her beloved cat. The celeb looked very cute with her pink cheeks and free left hair style. She looked very happy and was enjoying her cat’s company! It has become news as she carried her cat everywhere but she is not the only star who does that! There have many public appearances by stars with their four legged friends!

On the same day that is 23rd September, the ‘Giver’ star Taylor Swift was found walking out of New York City building with Olivia Benson, her Scottish Fold kitten. The cat is been named after favorite Law & Order: SVU character. The actress was well-dressed with pink sweater paired with burgundy colored jeans, along with stacked booties, and cranberry hat.

Celebs Carrying Their Pet Cats With Them Is It a New Trend

This was not the first time when celeb cat Olivia visited Ney York City.  Just a week before, the Swift was seen having fun. Taylor was seen in school girl-inspired attire and was photographed with her pet!

Though we see celebrities carry their furry friends with them, but they make sure to use carriers or a leash. But both of the ladies this time carried their kittens with them, apparently without any carrier. They were seen with the pets in busy localities. This really makes us feel little curios: is it a real love for their four legged friends or a new fashion trend!

Who started this trend? It was reality star Kim Kardashian actually who actually started the trend that to in 2010. She for the first time carried her kitten named Mercy, with her all the time.  Mercy even got a gift from Kanye West, as Kim and he had just started dating that time! Lucky cat!

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