Chris Burch’s Daughters Opening New Boutique in New York

If you carry family name like Burch and you want to conquer fashion field, you have no choice but have to perform best! Trademark, sisters Pookie and Louisa are proving to do that. They are daughters of J. Christopher and not only that but also stepdaughters of Tory. From the beginning of this year they are offering much artistically designed clothes and now it’s time that they are on the verge of setting up their first ever boutique, in Soho at 95 Grand Street. This is planned at New York fashion week’s beginning!

The location like this was always what they were looking for. Pookie expressed her feeling as they always wanted to express whole world around their ‘Trademark’. That’s why this location is just perfect for them! There are lots of people walking around all the time but still both of them find it very interesting. They believe that the location has the kind of energy they are looking for. The shop was designed by Andreas Bozarth Fornell’s firm, and the Bozarth fornell Architects, who have elite clients in the glam field. Louisa expressed her feelings about the shop’s design as, “It was all about having this beautiful, minimal space with clean lines that felt very modern but still a little bit nostalgic and touching on the classic elements.”

Chris Burch’s Daughters Opening New Boutique in New York

Pookie talked about the collection too. She said it was difficult to find out clothes which are designed with details, are simple, classy but yet affordable. This made them to design new collection and we can expect all these qualities in each of the piece!

They have also started add campaign for fall collection and is reported to be done by ace photographer Jamie Hawkesworth. Styling is done by Sara Moonves. About the ad campaign Louisa said, “We thought the landscape was really special. And we also felt like we wanted to do something that Jamie was comfortable with and was excited about.And I think for Jamie, he loves to photograph real people.”

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