Commandments for Happy Relationships

Love is not just about finding the right match; it’s about working on the bond to make it stronger. Everyone deserves to be with someone who understands and respects you; someone who would never take you for granted, will try to bring a smile on your face and will never hurt you.

Happy and healthy personal equations are the greatest gifts of life. Falling in love is simple and easy, but staying in love needs a lot of efforts. Every new love can bloom into something amazing and magical, if some relationship rules are followed.


A happy relationship relies on realistic expectations. Great relationships happen when two people love and also value one another. Happy love needs an investment of time, efforts, commitment and energy to blossom. Try getting not too excited with the highs or too concerned with the lows.


It is important to love each other unconditionally and think from others’ perspective when matters of the heart are involved. Show spontaneous affection, give surprises, behave like children, indulge in pillow fights, do your bit to make your bond stronger and long-lasting.


Stay faithful and true to your partner. End an argument as soon as possible and never take each other for granted. Rough times are the most testing phases. It is vital to stand by your partner and sail through the tough times together.


Make love regularly and invest efforts to keep the spark alive. Indulge in public display of affection and date each other occasionally no matter how many years you have been together. Make time for just the two of you.


Happy relationships value communication. Communicate with each other, do not expect your partner to read mind and grow together in love. Understand that rough phases are only momentary and fade away, if good trust and communication happens.


Give space to each other and never shy away from positive criticism. Respect each other’s individuality. Try to turn negativity into positivity by listening to each other and being open to honest feedbacks.

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Compliments are the best way to show that you acknowledge your partner’s efforts. So compliment, say thank you and at the same time do not hesitate to apologise if you are wrong. Never hold grudges or grumble or badmouth each other.


Celebrate important milestones of your relationships and spend quality time with each other. Appreciate and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.


Stay loved and happy!

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