Daisy Lowe Will Be the New Face of the US Teenage Brand- American Eagle Outfitters

It is Daisy Lowe who is going to be the British face for the US fashion brand named American Eagle Outfitters, which are very famous among teenagers as well as youngsters. The brand has its own style, which makes the user look stylish and fashionably young. This first ever campaign especially for the U.K was filmed the 25 year old Daisy and the first shop in London is supposed to open next month. This particular label is known to give you college-goers look with their different pieces. The range basically includes denims which is unavoidable part of any youngster’s wardrobe. Other pieces include sweatshirts as well as Aerie lingerie. These products are loved by young people in their early twenties or in their teenage.

Along with the young crowd, the brand has many famous followers. The list includes Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, Robert Pattinson, Mila Kunis and Kristen Stewart. The brand has gained much popularity among celebs may be also due to its fresh as well as young look!

Daisy Lowe Will Be the New Face of the US Teenage Brand- American Eagle Outfitters

The company based out in Pittsburgh-flaunts slogan as “America’s favorite jeans”. Preston Konrad, who is the style director of the company said, “American Eagle Outfitters is all about offering our guy and girl versatile pieces that will showcase their individual style. We are so excited to share our denim roots with the UK customer, as that is the heart of our brand and is an essential staple in your wardrobe.”

The company is quite old as it was founded back in 1977. But only after it was chosen as the official outfitter for Dawson’s creek in 1999, it gained much of the popularity.

The company believes in projecting common people as it’s models and is known to have “ Fun, cool, Friendly and open minded” culture. According to a recent poll, it is the second-most loved brand among teens in America after ‘Nike’.

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