Dania Ramirez- What the Mom And The Actress Tells About Her Baby Bag?

Being a mom does mean that you need to care your baby a lot and being a celeb means you also have to be in style when you are out. Dania Ramirez recently shows how she mixes and balances her tow roles, which are of being a mom and a celeb, while she is out with her kids. Dania Ramirez is a first time mom, and she is a mom of two cutie pie twins- one daughter Gaia, and one son- Aether. This beautiful mom recently revealed her baby bag contents to Us Weekly.

Dania is a stylish mom, and she does prefer to take a tote, a baby bag that is stylish yet have lots of space and she can carry all her essential things in the bag. Dania has told, “My baby bag is not traditional, because we want to look cute when we’re walking around.” So, to get the look of non-traditional yet useful and trendy baby bag, the the 34 years old actress of Devious Maids has told that she carries quilted Chanel satchel that is of camel color, and she uses this bag to tote all those baby gears that she needs for her 7 months old twin babies she shares with her husband Bev Land.

Dania Ramirez- What the Mom And The Actress Tells About Her Baby Bag 1

So what is the coolest part of Dania’s carryall? Well, that is the secret mommy compartment of her baby bag. As per Dania, “The back pocket is for me—the mommy things I need when I’m running around with my babies.”

Ramirez has told that she prefers pacifiers. “Wubbanub pacifiers are my favorite, because it keeps them quiet and they look cute and delicious,” told the Lifetime star.

She also has to carry veggie pack or squeezable fruit because her son likes to eat.
Finally, she showed her love for mascara and said, “I always carry a mascara, and love it because it adds a lot of volume.” She also said, “I love long, luscious lashes. Just because I have a baby doesn’t mean my lashes can’t look great!”

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