DKNY dropped its PR girl

New York based DKNY brand is all set for a fresh start in the social media forum. The brand has decided to drop its accounts on social media and start afresh. Aliza Licht, who became extremely popular with her tweets for the fashion brand, is no longer serving as the PR girl for DKNY.

The SVP of Global Communications who became quite a personality with her intelligent and witty opinions and comments and an inside look on what was happening in DKNY is no longer handling the social media handles for the brand. It was announced through Twitter by the DKNY PR girl that she will no longer receive any tweets on behalf of DKNY as the brand is following new directions.

DKNY dropped its PR girl

There was no proper explanation or any kind of farewell for the PR girl and the tweets were quite casual. All her past posts were removed from the social media forums Twitter and Instagram and instead a corporate handle can be seen.

It only displays 12 photos along with work in progress and the dates for the 2016 show. Mashable confirmed Aliza Licht’s disappearance. However she will be a part of the fashion brand but will handle something else. She also continues tweeting through her personal account.

DKNY dropped its PR girl 1

A lot has happened at DKNY recently. Public School designers Dao Yi Chow and Maxwell Osbourne recently became the new creative directors for the brand and the date showcased on the Instagram account is the date set for their first runway show. Ever since the CEO changed, a lot is happening in DKNY, even Donna Karen had decided to back off last month and her runway shows were cancelled.  With the PR girl, Aliza Licht staying for so long after such big names stepped down already, it was a surprise. However DKNY is all set for a new online voice.

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