Emmanuelle Chriqui faces a wardrobe malfunction

On Tuesday at the London premiere of Entourage Emmanuelle Chriqui looks ravishing and hot in her white number. But oopps… she does end up revealing a bit more and had to suffer wardrobe malfunction.

The 37-year-old beautiful actress, who stars as Sloan McQuewick in HBO’s Entourage, suddenly has a gust of wind pass by her dress. And this causes an unexpected wardrobe malfunction.

She had worn a Vivienne Westwood white colored frock with a single strap. And it featured a risky thigh-high split that was really not suitable for the windy weather of London.

It had parted way more than expected due to the windy weather and showed the actress’ hot nude underwear.  Chriqui’s underwear got flashed impulsively as she was walking down the stairs. but she did manage to cover up her modesty soon after the gush of wind passed by after the accidental thigh split took place.

Emmanuelle Chriqui faces a wardrobe malfunction 1

She looked stunning on Tuesday night. Her hot white gown was quite figure-hugging and it greatly highlighted her curves. To add bit of height to her sensual look she perfectly chosen a strappy heel look.

She had styled her tresses in a simple up do way. And she ensured that even her nails match with her dress which she had taken care of with the white mani-pedi. She stood looked elegant as well as ravishing while standing at the London’s Leicester Square on the blue carpet.

Emmanuelle Chriqui faces a wardrobe malfunction 2

Even Kara Tointon did draw in tons of attention as she wore the dazzling black jumpsuit which had a low cut, however she carried it off quit smartly. She accessorized it well with a simple ring and trendy gold necklaces. As for her tresses she preferred to go with the messy waves look.

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