Everlane unveils its photo filter app

Are you planning to get a nice click sitting behind a desk with a mug in hand? Or do you want to get a picture of your new shoes which you have got just yesterday? If you are planning to get it Instagram, then we have some great news for you.

Recently Christian Louboutin has come up with its photo filter app called Louboutinize which is quite a bold photo filter. And now matching its footsteps is Everlane, which came out with new features of photo filters on Prime. Prime is a photo editing app like VSCO. The tasteful filters by Everlane are subdued and really cool looking.

Everlane unveils its photo filter app 1

Filters like Modern on Prime are very handy for taking out pictures of fashion or products. It has some really cool tones. The white background also looks good and apt for such photos. It’s really good as we tested it with our last winter picture of Chantal Fernandez and her office cacti plant. Around is another filter which works well with landscape pictures. It is extremely apt for foggy weather and lush background. While capturing a road in New England on my way, the app did justice to the photo.

Everlane unveils its photo filter app


Minimal is the final photo filter feature which is good for pictures taken in warm temperature. It has some very warm tones which is good for pictures in the interior side. It also has white backgrounds. It is also handy for fashion pictures according to Prime. I tried to take a picture of shriveled stems of strawberry.

If you are planning to look for Everlane filters on Prime, then you must go to Authors where you will find it. It’s affordable as it costs only $0. But technically you need to buy the filters at this price which is actually free. This small technical hurdle can give you some really nice shots for your album. Do try these.

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