Fashion Trend Report of the year 2014

From innovative designs to Trend reports, everything goes well with the  city designers  at the top fashion shows of France, UK, US, Paris and other cosmopolitan cities which are the main part of fashion  and style.

Todays’s style secrets are the most preferred tips in fashion that  top the news line and moreover  animal prints and designs present at the events  attract stars and celebrities and make them the style icon of the season. This is creating buzz gives a new appearance every time  and a latest trend  of the fall season 2014.

Fashion Trend Report of the year 2014

The Trend report is the world’s  most depended and followed news related to men and women wear and accessories. It is this which presents the spring’s, summer’s and Autumn collection  with a heavy mix of colors and global influences  to upgrade the collection of top US and UK designers right now. As per the trend reports of US and UK, celebrities feel comfortable to carry skinnifying jeans every time with  loose design shirt in cool shades and a dark clutch which is never to leave accessory of every star and a modern woman.

Have you every desired  that skin-fit dress or jeans  were socially accepted  and presented with  lovely suctioning  and sausage casing like matching tops and long dress. It is accepted according to Trend report and introduced at the top season fashion shows in France, Monaco, London and Paris.

  • Millions of women spend dollars on shape wear to try skinny jeans and denim skinnifier’s in different styles.
  • The Trend report mentioned the styles of Signature brand which has a slim fit to try every silhouette in a delighted way.
  • When this news was flashed, every woman began sorting things to shop the silhouette  which gives a thinner and  more toned look with a good cut and fit.
  • You can watch Jennifer Lopez for a style and the way she carries herself to feel comfort at public.


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