Foley is coming up with Vibrant Handbag Collection with Time’s Arrow

Kate Foley is well known for her statement shoes, curly blonde hair, and red lips that give her ‘It Girl’ status. She has recently collaborated with contemporary handbag range of Time’s Arrow for the fall 2014 collection. She is famous for her tailoring skills, but here for the first time she is trying her luck in designing! She has always done something different and her style of mixing colors and prints has always proved to be very attractive! Her handbag collection is no doubt inspired from the colors of Mexico’s Costa Careyes as well as from artist Josef Frank.

This handbag collection has bags in five different styles which are bright in colors and their interiors have custom printed lining. Forey while talking about the collaboration said that while she was working at opening ceremony she got appointment to see Time’s Arrow collection for the first time. She was very happy to see the colorful collection and that to mat such great price!

Foley is coming up with Vibrant Handbag Collection with Time’s Arrow 1

When Christine Park, who is the founder of Time’s Arrow, approached her for collaboration opportunities, she just jumped on it! She was delighted to design her own collection with them!

Forey said, “I’m always incredibly inspired and excited by color. I was actually researching Costa Careyas to potentially go to on a vacation at the end of last year, and I was really drawn to the location because of the color and architecture,” says Foley. “In the end I didn’t end up going, but I did spend time in South America (Brazil, Colombia and Mexico) at the beginning of the year and the colors in those countries are so rich and bright…I wanted to create a collection that was rich in color and a little crazy, but also very easy to wear that would appeal to a wide range of people.”

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