Gisele Bundchen Shows Her Perfect Body and Flawless Skin in the Campaign of New Sonia Rykiel

The glamorous Gisele Bundchen flaunts her perfect body in her recent photograph shoots for the campaign for the brand Sonia Rykiel. It is reported that this super model ditches both her underwear and makeup for this campaign.  In this laid back campaign the attractive model the model shows her natural beauty.

Juergen Teller, the legendary shutterbug, is the man behind the shots. He shots the hot and too attractive images of the model and showcases the killer body, flawless skin, and natural beauty of this model.

Gisele Bundchen Shows Her Perfect Body and Flawless Skin in the Campaign of New Sonia Rykiel

This beautiful shoot is styled by Katie Grand. On talking about setup inspiration of the images, Katie Grand stated that Rykiel herself is the inspiration for this shoot. Katie likes some of the throwback pictures of Rykiel, and hence gets the inspiration for the images’ set up. Grand said, “They were very elegant black-and-white snapshots of her in the studio and on a car, and reminded me of Juergen Teller’s work.” It shows clearly the keen sense of fashion and style of the designer Rykiel.

Katie also told, “Once Juergen had agreed to work with us, we wanted to work with a woman with Madame Rykiel’s joie de vivre, and the obvious choice was Gisele.”

The supermodel, Gisele, 34, is at her best in posing for the sensuous yet elegant images of her for the campaign. She has gone commando as well as poses in other dresses. She dons a V-neck dress that is loose, and perfectly accessorize with a stylish handbag that she casually throws, in the images, right over her attractive right shoulder. The images for the shoot are really super hot and reveal the model’s beauty.

These images to showcase the “au naturel look” that is the recent trend of going daring in style and fashion. This look is perfectly modelled by the stunning model and wife of Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen.

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