Gucci Continues Digital Makeover with New Instagram Project

GucciGram has simple made waves with its unique and amusing collection. Gucci, which is currently being led by Alessandro Michele, is quite a hit with fashion enthusiasts as it has a fusion of both the new and old collection of the brand. With its modern and latest outlook and a unique way of approaching its fan is bringing in quite a crowd for the brand.

Gucci has relaunched its website and has collaborated with the visual artists who are extremely creative and unique. GucciGram was announced by the brand on Wednesday which is the latest project from the fashion house. This project has partnered with most of the creative and upcoming talents, some new and some established names from the digital world in order to create the two new print motifs of the brand.

Gucci Continues Digital Makeover with New Instagram Project


According to Michele, it is an initiative of the brand to bring in more creativity and give a voice to such creations through digital media which is a prominent source for visually inspired culture. The print motifs which are freshly created are floral Gucci Blooms and Gucci Caleido in geometric pattern.

The website has all the information about the artists who participated in the brand’s offerings and creation. They were given total freedom when it comes to creativity which has paid well as some really timeless works were created. The use of gothic paintings, satirical illustrations and even video clips can be found on the microsite. Fans of the brand can easily browse through or go over the colorful and vibrant website and enjoy the work. Instagram has been used quite creatively as a platform for such an offering by Alessandro Michele. Simply use your smartphones and access a whole new world of digital media with some brilliant art and creativity photograph and works of prominent artists. The cultural fusion and collision is evident both from the 19th century to the 21st century.

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