Gwen Stefani Shares Her On-Stage Experiences

Let’s meet a superwoman! She is not just a mother of three, but has many other qualifications like a rock star, a fashion designer, a style icon, a perfume connoisseur, and a newly elected Voice judge. She is Gwen Stefani a 44-year-old multi-tasker! Recently before her L.A.M.B show she shared her real life experiences and her journey from high-school student to fashion ruler. She also talked about own pop queen style too!

She talked about her first on-stage experience.  Gwen explained, “The first evolution of No Doubt was called Apple Core. We were playing at our high school talent show. I didn’t sing much before that, but my brother was in the band then. He was like, ‘you’re gonna sing!’ So I did this dress that was based on Maria Von Trapp from The Sound of Music.” The dress was same won by the actor while singing ‘I Have Confidence’. The dress was made up of a rough woolen cloth. She adds, “that’s the ugliest dress I’ve ever seen!’ But I thought it was awesome. So that was my first stage look.”

Gwen Stefani Shares Her On-Stage Experiences

While talking about different fashion phases she experienced in her life she admits that one phase comes in your life when you start feeling like nothing is permanent. And that time one might get scared! Gwen has had so many style phases starting from the Bindi to pink hair. She advises to take changes in life like fun things so they become easy to take!

She shared how she manages to do well in all fields despite of having three kids.  She said when she was working on this L.A.M.B collection; she was trying doing many other things too! She was writing music for ‘No Doubt’. She was musician as well as a mother! Once done with album she started Fashion show project again! Hats off to her!

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