Hillier Bartley launched their debut collection

Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley who were working as creative directors for Marc Jacobs’ fashion brand Marc. As the brand Marc was dismantled in the month of March, they no longer had that project in hand; however the two creative directors from London had a new project which is Hillier Bartley, their luxury brand wholly owned by them. The debut collection from the latest brand Hillier Bartley had been initially shown to a few selected buyers in the month of February and is finally unveiled through Vogue’s editorial and Matchesfashion.com. The collection is not available for sale as of now and will finally come to the public for purchase in the month of September. However it can be accessed and browsed as the look book has been fully unveiled in this website.

The luxury brand has all going for itself as the brand is all about luxury. The fabrics used for the line are exclusive and luxe with very simple designs. The tailoring of clothes is English and the clothing line has lots of jackets, coats, shirt and trousers. The look is elegant and distinctive and all the clothes reflect the touches of both the designer-owners.

Hillier Bartley launched their debut collection

Layers can be seen in colorful fringes, dramatic designs for neck ties with tasseled looks, bunny motifs on clutches are all part of this line. Hillier’s signature style clutches look adorable in the collection. Some shoulder bags from the brand look extremely classic and timeless. Therefore the collection does not just have clothes but has some really cool looking accessories like bags and clutches.

Though the collection looks extremely good and speaks of luxury, the price too reflects the same. The range starts from $519 and goes further with an ankle length coat costing $2848 and so on. The collection looks fabulous and one cannot stop from not buying it, however the high price tag is something one needs to look for when in budget.

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