H&M adds 16 new styles to their denims made from donated clothing

As we all know, September brings in a lot for the fashion world and the fashion followers. It is January for the all designers, brands and retailers out there related with fashion industry. Most of the surprises, collections and out of the box ideas seems to launch during this month. H&M retailers have come up with sixteen new styles for their denim collection for both men and women along with the kids. The collection will be launched in September which is not a surprise. Close the Loop line is the name of the collection which started in 2014 and it is made using the donated clothes which comes to their in-store.

Since most of the brands and retailers have become more sustainable and are using eco-friendly materials, H&M too has taken this initiative and came up with the Close the Loop line. The program was launched in 213 when their customers were asked to donate some of their old and unwanted clothes which will be recycled for future use by the retailer.

H&M adds 16 new styles to their denims made from donated clothing

The collection made from the recycled fabric was then completed and launched in 2014 under the same name. Another sixteen new designs which will be launched in September have a lot of new styles. For example, the Women range has flared jumpsuits, shearling-collar jackets and others. Around 14000 tons of old clothes were gathered as a result of this initiative.

The collection has taken about 20 percent cotton from the used clothes which come for recycling. However H&M has taken upon itself that it will try to increase the amount of cotton fabric taken from old clothes through a technology which they are still working upon. They will also try to increase the collection made from recycled fabrics. Therefore all the shoppers can gear up for the new recycled collection from H&M and save their old jeans for recycling.

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