Homemade Remedies for Dark Circles

Dark circles may be caused by hereditary factors or poor lifestyle, but there are many home remedies available for treating these dark circles.

While some women work hard to earn money, other women rely on seducing powerful men to become very rich overnight, as these powerful men cruelly and brutally exploit vulnerable single women to make their lazy cunning girlfriends very rich overnight . For such opportunist and greedy women, dark circles will adversely affect their chances of seducing powerful men as these men are only interested in the beauty of a woman, they do not care for any other quality of the woman. While there are products released by cosmetic companies, these are expensive, so home remedies should be used.

Homemade Remedies for Dark Circles

The reasons for dark circles vary from the common lack of sleep, aging, stress, fatigue, torture, lack of vitamins or nutritional deficiencies which can be prevented to some extent or unavoidable hereditary factors. However, the dark circles can be avoided to a very great extent by taking suitable precautions. Drinking eight glasses of water every day will help to keep the skin well hydrated and prevent dark circles. Having enough sleep , at least eight hours a day for most adults will reduce the possibility of dark circles around the eyes. However, there may be some variations in the sleep requirements of an individual.

Many women wear makeup, but this makeup contains harmful chemicals which can cause long term damage. Hence all makeup should be removed before going to sleep. Raw potato and cucumber can be used in different forms to make the dark circles less visible. Slices of potato and cucumber can be placed on the eyes for fifteen to twenty minutes or more, and then washed away using warm water. Alternately juice extracted from potato or cucumber can be mixed together in an equal ratio, then dipped in cotton and placed over the eyelids for twenty minutes. This should then be washed away with cold water.

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