How to NEVER feel like you have nothing to wear

Many women have a favorite outfit pattern which they feel suits them best, which they repeat often, but there are times when they need some variation.

Most women have limited time available to get ready in the morning before rushing to their office, and usually choose the outfit they are wearing quickly so that they are not late to office. Finding an outfit which is both stylish as well as comfortable can be a major challenge for many women. Usually many women have their own favorite outfit which they feel is most suitable for themselves, based on their personal fashion style, comfort levels as well as feedback from those who know them. As they are in a hurry, they will usually select a variation of this outfit, resulting in monotony.

NEVER feel like you have nothing to wear

To ensure that women have some variety in their outfit, they can follow some tips so that they never feel that they do not have anything suitable to wear to office or any other occasion. Usually women will arrange all clothes in a particular category together in their wardrobe, all the skirts will be arranged together, the dresses in a row, and all pants in one area of the cupboard. To ensure that woman do not repeat outfits, the woman can prepare a set of clothes she will wear to office on a particular day, in her free time, like on weekends, which can be easily worn on a weekday when she is in a hurry.

Women will wear their garments like dresses, skirts and then choose accessories to match accordingly, which results in a monotonous look. Instead they can decide to wear a unique accessory like designer shoes, and then choose the garments that they wear suitably to match the accessory. Instead of deciding the look at the last minute, make a list of places or events the woman has to attend or visit in the coming months or year. In the free time available, select the combination of garments and accessories which will be most suitable for the particular occasion, and capture the look in a selfie for record purposes, so that it can be replicated easily.

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