Incredible Art Collections from 3 Remarkable Designers

Well, this is definitely a hot topic to discuss whether the world is being engulfed with fashion all around or not! Is the rate of cross-pollination results is on the rise or not?

Let us go through the list of some of the most incredible designers and the way they depict their personal art collection:

  1. Raf Simons

Incredible Art Collections from 3 Remarkable Designers

This design prodigy is from Belgium, who stated that in 1991, looking at the all white collection of Martin Margiela, he got inspired to join the fashion industry. His famous collection includes work by Brian Calvin, Evan Holloway, Sterling Ruby and Mike Kelley, and he closely collaborated with them for his 2014 ready-to-wear fall men’s collection.

  1. Tom Ford

VANITY FAIR OSCAR PARTY 2012 - Red Carpet Arrivals

Tom Ford does have a very strong inclination towards obtaining blue-chip names like Ellsworth Kelly, Andy Warhol, Ad Reinhardt, and Alexander Calder. For his movie, A Single Man (2009), he had earned critical acclamation and has been successful in snapping up work with Sam Taylor-Johnson, his fellow artist movie maker. This American designer during the late 1990s was credited for his overhauling Gucci work, where he ended up amazingly championing hot appeal. He had created a room in his home, that was vagina-themed, and you will be able to go through the “slit” paintings of Ellsworth Kelly in huge quantity.

  1. Karl Lagerfeld

Incredible Art Collections from 3 Remarkable Designers 2

The remarkable German designer in 1972 shed his renowned contemporary art collection only to highlight more on his promising furniture and d’art treasures. And even today he has stacked a few of the Helmut Newton nudes in several of his apartments. It seems like the creative director of The Chanel loves to reinvent his own creativity by refurbishing his house. One of his Roman apartments was filled with Wiener Werkstatte furniture pieces. One of his other apartments was inspired by “ateliers of Nordic painters in the 1800s”, as stated by the New York Times Magazine.

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