James Experiments Eyebrow Piercing at Rodarte’s Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Show

We all know that makeup artist James Kaliardos has worked with Rodarte designers namely Kate and Laura Mulleavy for many times! He has shown his face –painting skills with the duo for lot many seasons.  If you ask them about this special relationship they share, he would joke like, “we almost have a psychic connection.”  At Rodarte’s spring/summer 2015 fashion show the special bond could be seen clearly backstage.

James created a different and exclusive look that substantiated the relation! He did lot of work on the eyes! He used a dark pink color with brownish tinge. He used the product from the latest ‘Nars St-Paul-De-Vence Duo Eye shadow collection’. He pulled the same hue outwardly that gave it an arch-like shape! Kaliardos expressed his inspiration behind the look as, “It’s inspired by how Laura does her makeup. She does this thing where she drags down the corner of her eye shadow, and I thought, ‘That’s kinda cool.’” For under eye makeup he used Nars Long-lasting eyeliner. He drew only a thin line. This finishing gave eyes a ‘lift-up’ look.  He did more detailing with the help of gold metallic shade of the dust. It gave eyes little glittery look.

James Experiments Eyebrow Piercing at Rodarte’s Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Show

Till here we may find it skillful but still routine. The story does not end here. He added a special element to it! The real attention-was eyebrow piercings. Half of the models of the show wore those signature brows. Needless to say that it was artificial, but made it to look really different!  The artist added, “They’re just cool facial accessories.” Kaliardos had actually used silver rings that were made to stay there using glue. It was not only appreciated by spectators but also models. They liked the quick-shock value of the detailing.

One of the models who appreciated it in public was model Kristina Petrosiute. She added, “I took a photo and sent it to my boyfriend. He was like, ‘You look weird!’ But I like it!” For few it made to think to get it done on them. And not artificially. Few models expressed that they would get that kind of body piercing done. May be not on eyebrows, but somewhere else. The model Xiao Wen Ju, who takes the pride of being first ever Chinese face to participate in Jacob’s said, “The eyebrow is not my style, but maybe I would do the lip,” She further added that she might get it done on her lips as that is really glamorous according to her!

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