Jena Malone Talks about Her New Campaign and Fashion Preferences

Jena Malone is a well-known actress and musician. She is also one of this season’s Gap models. Her campaign has reached everywhere even in London! We see the ad on the billboards, the trains and on buses too! She expressed her excitement as, “I didn’t realize they were in London, too. I love those ads. Do you know I was in and out in 30 minutes? It was the easiest shoot of my life. And I loved wearing those great pants. But now I’m walking through the city, and I’m like, ‘Oh, there’s a giant photo of my face. Weird. But I’ve been able to remain very anonymous, which is fortunate. I walk right by a giant Gap ad of myself, and nobody even cares.” The 29 year old actress talked about the new campaign as she was resting for a while on Marchesa’s fashion show

Malone was in town for some publicity related work. May be for her new Hunger Games movie. In the film she plays the role of axe-wielding Johanna Mason. While talking about style and fashion Jena made few things clear. She admitted that she makes many work and publicity related appearances. But she is reluctant to change her style.

Jena Malone Talks about Her New Campaign and Fashion Preferences


She prefers working with designers whose work she admires. She may sound little feminist as she admitted her preference to female designers. According to her she supports woman’s work to maximum extent and hence she is happy to be part of Marchesa show! She added, “I’ve never in my life had a press schedule like I do for Hunger Games. Now we have to label my high heels, because I can’t last all day in some pairs. No woman can, I don’t think! So we have to say, ‘This is a two hour pair. This is a five hour pair. This is a half hour pair.”

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