Jessica Simpson 34th Birthday Eve Party

Singer Jessica Simpson Turned 34 on July 10, 2014, and has released photographs celebrating her birthday eve while wearing casual wear.

Celebrity singer Jessica Simpson was celebrating her 34th birthday on July 10, 2014, and has released her photographs on Instagram celebrating her birthday eve outdoors while watching the sunset at an unknown location. The singer who was recently married to  Eric Johnson on July 5th, has not been updating her instagram account as frequently as she usually  as she was probably busy with her pre wedding preparations as well as post wedding commitments.

Jessica Simpson 34th Birthday Eve Party

The photograph posted on Instagram show the singer dressed in an informal brown and white chiffon sleeveless dress, without makeup and looking serene, at an unidentified honeymoon spot watching the sunset. Her blonde hair is left open as the photo is captioned “the sun sets on 33” to highlight that it is the last day of the thirty third year of her life  . The mother of two children seems to be making some changes in her lifestyle to adjust to her newly married status, reducing her participation in popular social media websites where she was constantly posting photos, especially of her well maintained body.

Unlike most celebrities who fret over becoming older, as it usually results in decline in popularity, Jessica Simpson seems very relaxed about the natural process of ageing.  When she crossed the age of thirty, she announced in a a very natural manner on twitter, that she had now  spotted a wrinkle on her body. As she celebrates another birthday, her many fans look forward  to the latest updates about her personal and professional life on social media channels.

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