Juicy Couture is grabbing Victoria Secret Angels for its campaign

Juicy Couture is trying to lay its hand on all the Victoria Secret angels for its ad campaigns. The conspiracy theory by Juicy Couture has been quite successful as the brand has successfully signed in Candice Swanepoel for the new fragrance Viva La Juicy and the hot model has been made the new face for the fragrance. It is not surprising for us to see Swanepoel appearing for the Juicy Couture’s fragrance commercial as the model can easily sell the adult diapers if she wills. Grabbing this contract does not come as a surprise.

Swanepoel is the latest to join the bandwagon when it comes for campaigning for Juicy Couture. Juicy had followed this trend in spring 2013. Behati Prinsloo, who is another Victoria Secret angel, was seen in its campaign for I am Juicy, another fragrance from the same brand, long time back in June. Even angels, like Romee Strijd along with another new comer Taylor Hill had campaigned for its fall clothing line ads.

Juicy Couture is grabbing Victoria Secret Angels for its campaign 1

Martha Hunt, who is currently a model for the lingerie brand Victoria Secret and had walked the annual runway shows, had also been part of Juicy Couture’s ad campaigns before coming to Victoria Secret. The long line of models all coming from Victoria Secrets crew have some time or the other been taken by Juicy Couture for its campaigns seems more than a coincidence.

It looks like planned but also seems like a coincidence as both the brands have a similar customer base. The different parent companies own them but the labels have very similar outlook. Therefore they are more or less similar in aesthetics, femininity, colors and playfulness, sharing their modes seems convincing. We do not know for sure whether Juicy is hiring these Victoria Secrets Angels because they work at Victoria Secret or is going for their high profile modeling name, but the gut says that Victoria Secret factor still have a upper hand when it comes to getting selected by Juicy.

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